Code of Ethics & Bylaws

Code of Ethics

  1. All members shall strive to promote good working relationships, both within their employing institutions and within this professional organization, addressing differences of opinion through appropriate channels.
  2. All members shall insist upon compliance with copyright laws and other applicable laws within all areas of their responsibility.
  3. No member shall apply for a position, appear to be soliciting a position, engage in discussion about possible employment, or attempt to place a student or a colleague in a position with an employing institution until the incumbent has resigned or has been officially notified of termination by the institution.
  4. No member shall accept a performing engagement at any institution unless that engagement has been approved by the incumbent musician. In cases where such a performing engagement for a wedding, funeral, or other service has been requested by a third party, it is appropriate for the third party to offer to the incumbent the customary fee as a professional courtesy.

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

The Articles and Bylaws were modified at the 2011 Congress. The version presented here incorporates those changes.

The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America Articles and Bylaws (2011)

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